The Big What

We help business leaders and entrepreneurs achieve their goals by providing actionable ideas, concise marketing strategies, and superb content design.


Website Design and Development

We make fast, secure websites that further your brand, are search engine friendly, and make it easy for your visitors to connect with you.

Web and Content Marketing

We plan and execute clear, no nonsense internet and email marketing campaigns that have clearly defined goals and measurable results.


We analyze the market in which your competing, your competitors, and then we put together an SEO strategy that is realistic and achievable in a particular time frame.

Branding/Graphic Design

We clarify your messaging and then make sure you’ve got the graphic and textual materials to promote it.

Recent Projects
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We've been working with companies and individuals to develop clear, effective web presences since 2000. Our clients range from businesses to artists, from manufacturers to opera singers, but they all have a few things in common;

  • They want to spend the majority of their time doing the important things that they alone can do to further their businesses;
  • They want everything to work reliably - from the design to the copy to the emailing service to the website;

The first step is to find out as much possible about the client's current position and situation. The second step is to establish clear, measurable goals to move the client forwards towards what they want next. The third step is to develop an actionable, measurable plan. Once all that is completed, we develop, design and write materials to execute the plan properly.

A marketing campaign or a website is only viable if there's maintenance and follow-up. We build for easy use, provide support, make custom training videos, etc. If a client doesn't have the time or desire to maintain sites or marketing efforts then we maintain it for them. The show must go on!

If you have questions on design, search engine optimization, analytics, marketing, blogging, and general creativity we'd love to have a chat.

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What's in a name?

We would be called “Practical Magic” if that name hadn't already been taken, but Practica Magica, Practical Magic — either name expresses our philosophy, which is that design and marketing has a fundamental achievable purpose first and foremost, and that the finished project should have an element of delight to it. Hence Practica Magica. Really, we just added A's.